HR Consultants

How to Become an HR Consultant

HR consultants are often responsible for tasks that many people simply overlook, but without them the day to day running of a business can be all but impossible. Responsibilities such as maintaining a payroll, managing employees, evaluating the performance of staff members and even handling the hiring and firing will typically fall down to the human resources department.

Learning how to become an HR consultant can open up a huge range of potential pathways – many of which offer the possibility of very highly paid career choices. Within Australia, the career doesn’t actually require any form of qualification or accreditation. There is a need to register oneself as a practicing HR consultant however, but we will cover more on that later; especially when working with a professional business environment is the end-goal for a consultant.

Becoming a Consultant

The criteria to become a consultant in HR can differ from role to role. For those that may want to manage a payroll, experience within accounting and bookkeeping can be a plus (with many HR specialists pursuing lower forms of education within these fields). On the other hand, any provider hoping to offer their hiring and firing expertise will likely want to ensure that they understand common business models by undergoing training and education within the business management sector.

As Australia boasts one of the most stable economies in the world, it’s not uncommon to find international HR specialists flocking to the country to start a new life, or to pursue a new career in their field. In these cases, individuals may find any qualifications and experience obtained from their country of origin assessed – to ensure that their expertise fits in with the AHRI Model of Excellence.

What is the AHRI Model of Excellence?

In short, AHRI stands for the Australian Human Resource Institute. It is a governing body that any practicing HR specialist will need to sign up to in order to be considered an active member. That’s not to say that a small agency couldn’t practice outside of this institute, but with many businesses actively searching for AHRI recognised specialists, it makes a lot more sense to apply to the organisation.

The Model of Excellence is a list of definitions that any HR provider will be expected to adhere to whenever they offer their services. The MoE is considered the peak of authority within Australia for all things HR related. It simplifies the concept of ‘what is good HR’ and ‘what is an HR consultant responsible for’.

It dictates that any specialist should adhere to the highest level of services when practicing as an HR consultant. Only those deemed to possess the required skill set will be approved for membership, so these individuals will often find themselves in much greater demand when pursuing employment within a business.