Enterprise Development Afternoons

The key to your business success

Business Foundations’ Enterprise Development Afternoons series is designed to deliver increased profitability through improved management skills, better control over your business and superior business performance.

The series dedicates each afternoon to a specific type of business to help you unlock the true potential of your business.
Designed with the busy business owner in mind each afternoon combines three topics specifically relevant to the type of business you are running allowing you to pick and choose according to the type and needs of your business.

Retail & Hospitality

People & Service

Attract the right customers, employ the right people & deliver exceptional customer service.

Retail and hospitality businesses are people businesses.  Often called the soft skills, managing people and ensuring consistent high quality customer service are two of the hardest business skills.

The challenges are to understand what your consumers really need, communicate your offer in a way that cuts through your competition and provide outstanding customer service for repeat business and positive word of mouth.

You will master :

  • What your customers need and give exceptional customer service
  • How to merchandise for impact
  • Your key customer segments and the messages that are relevant to them
  • The various digital channels and evaluate how they fit in with your overall marketing
  • How to attract, motivate and retain the right people

Home Based Businesses

Flying Solo

How to be the best at everything!

Running your own home based business can be both lonely and extremely demanding. As a solo operator you ARE your business’ Chief Marketer, Chief Accountant, Chief IT and Chief Operations person.  And all of this on top of actually doing the work!

Home Office Solo Operator (SOHO) businesses present their own unique challenges both at the personal and business levels.  This series focuses on generating new sales business, the psychology and logistics of working from home, and how to set up your “back office” to reduce time spent on admin tasks.

You will master :

  • How to price your product/service, how to find new customers
  • The confidence and skills to sell
  • How to motivate and organise yourself and create your personal support structure
  • Streamline your back office for maximum efficiency and ease

Starting your business

Smart Enterpreneur

Are you ready to give up your day job?

When you are planning to start a business or have started a business recently the inevitable questions arise.  Is this business idea viable? Can I make a living running the business?  What do I need to make this a success?

Business Start-up Afternoons will help you build a plan around your business idea, create a marketing plan and understand the legal, taxation and financial issues.

You will master :

  • Various planning tools to use to create your business plan
  • Your ideal customer and create key messages that unique to your business
  • The use of social and digital media in promoting your business
  • The financial aspect of running a small business

Your Digital Business 2.0

Switching Onto Digital

The game has changed.  Has your business?

Social media, cloud, e-commerce, web presence! We have all heard of them and some of us have started exploring them.

But which one is relevant to your business and most importantly how can your business take advantage of them to generate growth and increase profitability?

You will master :

  • The main digital communications channels
  • Which digital activities you should prioritise as part of your overall marketing
  • How to use the various digital tools to the most advantage to your business
  • Your digital action plan


“Very good, a lot to cover and done very well with sound knowledge base”

Peta Mcaliffe, City of Vincent

“The Workshop was informative and helped to outline how to manage business within games design”

Jacob Kreck, Traverse Game Studios

“Extremely topical, helpful at a challenging time in the business where we need to strategise and reassess. So helpful lots to do now, very motivated”

Jade Rubino, VENN