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How Does LinkedIn Work And Why Is It Different To Other Forms Of Social Media

On the course w will discuss what is different about LinkedIn, which is a professional social media platform not too dissimilar to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, in the way it is used for marketing.

Basically, where these other types of social media websites were created with the aim of bringing friends and family together, LinkedIn was developed with business in mind. As a result, all of its users are required to provide information pertaining to their professional vocations, qualifications and activities.

That being said, some individuals and companies do choose to use the platform to advertise and promote their products and services – and unlike Facebook, where user-business isn’t a top priority, LinkedIn treats this as a priority. This is why it has quickly become recognised as one of the largest, if not the largest, social media website catering to professionals.

How Does LinkedIn Work?

Anyone hoping to use this social media website will need to sign up for an account. Once an account has been created, there are a host of optional questions to fill in to allow the website to better-connect its users with one another. The more information is provided, the more relevant the results can be. And this is one of the website’s biggest drawing points.

It can be ideal to help individual users to connect with other like-minded individuals, as well as colleagues and even friends that they may know or might have worked with. The same can be said for agencies and companies, too – with the platform offering dedicated pages to those that want to create an online page to represent their business.

Once signed up, there are two main ways to use the platform. The first is to do so in a free manner, where access to particular features and functions can be wide and varied – although it is expected to find that some activities and options may have a limitation, or a complete restriction. To overcome these factors, LinkedIn have made it an option for their members to pay for a premium account.

What Can a Premium Account Offer?

One of the main reasons to pay for one of these memberships is to take advantage of more extensive features, such as the ability to see who has viewed the member’s profile, or benefit from more relevant connection options. There are several other benefits pertaining to advertisement however, and this is why many businesses consider investing in the solution.

A premium member will often be able to utilise advanced functions to help them to target and reach a particular audience. As beneficial as this can be, it’s also worth noting that a good LinkedIn marketing company should also be able to replicate the same results, whether their client has access to a premium account or a free one.

It all has to do with knowing the types of features to take advantage of, such as the blog function on the website, or the like and share features. Connecting with the right people can be made much simpler with an experienced team to hand – and this is why many users consider hiring marketers to help them to take full advantage of all that the website has to offer.